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Philadelphia Children's Alliance

Every month, over 150 cases of child sexual abuse are reported in the City of Philadelphia. For these children, the nightmare is far from over. After suffering physically and emotionally scarring abuse, these children must go extensive medical tests, hours of interviews by different investigators, and a sense of shame and guilt after being abused and victimized.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way…

Today, over one-third of reported child victims of sexual abuse are brought to the Philadelphia Children's Alliance. Here, in a child-friendly facility that is built around their needs, they are seen by an expert staff trained to work with child victims. Here, they avoid multiple interviews by different investigators from various agencies. Instead, they are seen by one specially trained interviewer, and the child and his or her caregivers are assigned a Victim Advocate who supports the family as it undergoes the court process.

While the number of child victims the Alliance sees has grown every year, it is still not enough. Our goal is simple, but ambitious: with your help, we will have the ability to serve every single child sexual abuse victim in Philadelphia. Your support of the Bear Affair provides the resources we need to make that vision into a reality.

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